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Potos Village-Village of the Dwarves | The Witch's Palace-The Water Palace (right before The Upper Land) | The Upper Land-The Fire Palace | Southtown-The Emperer's Castle | The Dark Palace-Sage Joch | Sunken Continent-The End

To the Upper Land | The Upper Land Part 1 | The Upper Land Part 2 | Montango | Cave near Montango | To Ice Country | Todo Village | Crystal Forest Part 1 | Tropical Resort | Crystal Forest Part 2 | Santa's Castle | To the Desert | The Desert | The Sandship | Kakkara | The Fire Palace


  • ENEMIES: Rabites, Lullabuds, Mushbooms
  • BOSS: None

  1. Stock up on the items regular stores don't sell at Neko's.
  2. Go to the cannon man near Potos and select Upper Land.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Axe's Orb, Glove's Orb, Boomerang's Orb, Sylphid's Magic
  • ENEMIES: Nemesis Owls, Water Thugs, Silktails, Pebblers, Steamed Crabs
  • BOSS: Spring Beak

  1. You will land in a wintery area. Find Watts and forge your weapons. Talk to a moogle.
  2. Head east to an autumn area.
  3. When a nemesis owl silences you, walk in the opposite direction of the way you want to go.
  4. Head south to the summer region of this forest.
  5. Go to the upper-left corner of this section to find the way into the moogles' old home. You'll have to fight three pebblers. Just use powered-up attacks when they first come out of the ground.
  6. Try to leave. Then the moogles will come back. Get the treasure of the axe's orb and glove's orb. Forge weapons with Watts and shop and save with Neko. Notice that the Quill Cap is a new helmet for Girl and Sprite. Then talk to a moogle.
  7. Then go through the seasons- from spring to summer to autumn to winter and back to spring again. DO NOT turn back for Neko's help unless you desperately need it.
  8. If you used any items, go back to the moogle village to buy more.
  9. Go on the new passage in Spring. You will find Sprite's hometown.... Without any sprites!
  10. Prepare yourself for a boss fight.
  11. The best way to beat this guy is to use Sprite's Earth Slide magic over and over. Also have any players that aren't pummeling him with magic attack. Never forget to cure. Hold back on items until you have to- but don't be afraid of them. You'll be rewarded with the Boomerang's orb.
  12. Use up all of Girl's MP, then enter the palace. Talk to the mana seed, then the old man. He's Sprite's grandpa, who gives you Sylphid's magic, restores you, and saves your game.


  • ENEMIES: Crawlers, Nemesis Owls, Steamed Crabs, Water Thugs, Kimono Birds, Pebblers, Silktails
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the lower-left corner of Spring to get to the next place.
  2. Use Sprite's Air Blast magic on the crystal orb.
  3. The first exit to the left. The next one is in the upper-left corner. The last one is in the north. (The right is just cannon travel.) You'll end up in a small cave, which you need the axe to get through.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. The townspeople don't have any useful information.
  2. Buy items: 1 steel cap, 3 fancy overalls, and 3 wolf's bands. Also stock up on items.
  3. In the castle, get Watts to forge your weapons. Go to the King's room to get the Javelin's orb.
  4. Talk to King Truffle


  • ENEMIES: Water Thugs, Steamed Crabs, Crawlers, Kimono Birds, Pebblers, Nemesis Owls
  • BOSS: Great Viper (1300HP, 8 MP, fear of Sylphid)

  1. Go out the back door.
  2. You will soon be in a cave. You'll need the whip and axe a few times in here. Don't forget about your HP while you're there.
  3. In the first room when you have a choice of which door to go through, take the left one. You will reach a crystal orb. Use Sprite's Earth Slide magic on it. Then go back.
  4. You'll soon reach the boss. Use Girl's Remedy magic when Sprite is pygmized and her Cure Water magic when you need a boost in your HP. Boy doesn't really matter in this fight. Use faerie walnuts when your MP is all gone. Otherwise, have Sprite cast Thunderbolt non-stop. If you happen to run out of Faerie Walnuts, it'll be more of a challenge. Play as Boy and Girl (Boy if you're playing alone) and use the weapons that you personally hit best with. You'll be rewarded with the Sword's orb.
  5. Head into the next cave. You'll find a white dragon.
  6. You'll automatically go back to King Truffle, who will raise the dragon. He names it Flammie.
  7. Have Watts forge your sword. Stock up on items at the shop. Stay at the inn if your MP is low.


  • ENEMIES: Kimono Birds, Pebblers, Crawlers, Steamed Crabs, Nemesis Owls
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the cannon travel- right exit on the first screen of the forest.
  2. Choose Ice Country. If you choose Kakkara, you'll find that you have to go to Ice Country first anyway.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. You will land in Todo Village. Buy 3 raccoon caps, 3 golden vests, and 3 silver bands at the shop.
  2. Just for the fun of it, go into the blacksmith's house and talk to him. You shouldn't need Watts right now.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: 2x Spear's Orb, Bow's Orb
  • ENEMIES: Howlers, Pebblers, Shellblasts, LA Funks
  • BOSS: Boreal Face (1100 HP, 12 MP, no fear), Brambler (78 HP, 99MP, no fear)

  1. It's easy to get hurt in here, so watch your HP. Fight only Howlers and Pebblers. Run away when you find an LA Funk because you need magic to attack them... And why waste your MP for just a few measly experience?
  2. You'll soon find Santa's house. Santa is gone! Be sure to steal his Spear's orbs and sneak back to Watts for forging.
  3. Go back to Santa's house and then continue on in the Crystal Forest.
  4. You'll come across Cannon Travel in the next screen. Skip it.
  5. When you reach the boss, just use attacks. Don't attack it when the shell is closed. You'll be rewarded with the Bow's Orb.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Salamando's Magic
  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. If you feel like it, talk to the townspeople because they'll leave. Then talk to the guy in the middle.
  2. Go up to the stove and open it when you have the chance. Salamando was being used as a heater! He'll give you his powers.
  3. The town becomes cold and abandoned.


  • ENEMIES: Howlers, Pebblers, Shellblasts, LA Funks
  • BOSS: None

  1. Use the same fighting strategies as in part 1.
  2. Stop by Neko to stock up on items and save the game.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Glove's orb, Boomerang's orb, Fire Seed
  • ENEMIES: Shellblasts, Blue Drobs, LA Funks, Specters, Weepy Eyes, Mystic Books
  • BOSS: 3x Tonpole (600HP, 0MP, fear of Salamando), 3x Biting Lizard (770HP, 6MP, fear of Salamando), Frost Gigas (1140HP, 99MP, fear of Salamando)

  1. OK. Start fighting Shellblasts now. You should've gained a few levels so now they're easy enough to be worth the trouble.
  2. In the first room, you'll have to go to the right to get past.
  3. Blue Drops provide great experience for little damage!
  4. Still run away from LA Funks. And Specters and Mystic Books, too. You want to save your MP for bosses.
  5. In the first room with an LA Funk, go right first to get a glove's orb.
  6. The trick to the tonpoles/biting lizards is to have only one biting lizard at a time. Set any party members you aren't controlling (Sprite first, Girl second) so that they're at the bottom-right corner of the attack grid. If a character you don't control makes a second biting lizard, you conentrate on the first one- he's closer to dead. Don't waste your MP with Sprite's magic here.
  7. You will soon get to the throne room. Santa's here, and he's.... evil. Say "No."
  8. You will fight the boss. Have Sprite cast Fireball magic over and over. Note that your attack power is very weak when you're ice sabered. That's OK, Sprite's magic is what's important. You'll be rewarded with the boomerang's orb.
  9. You will come back up and see Santa again. He's sane now, and tells you his story, then gives you the fire seed.


  • ENEMIES: Shellblasts, Howlers, LA Funks, Pebblers, Kimono Birds, Crawlers, Nemesis Owls
  • BOSS: None

  1. Still don't waste your time with LA Funks.
  2. Go to Todo Village to stock up on items and forge weapons.
  3. Go to the Cannon Travel. Choose Kakkara. He might say he can't get you that far, but I do remember going straight to Kakkara in some games. If he can't, you'll just have to stop at Montango.


  • ENEMIES: Pebblers, Sand Stingers, Pumpkin Bombs, Spider Legs
  • BOSS: None

  1. You will land in the middle of the desert. This is the most annoying place in the game. Just wander around.
  2. When your characters talk about how thirsty they are, go up. You'll be at a sand ship.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: Mech Rider (980HP, 18MP, no fear)

  1. You'll get stuck in the sandship and will have to find your way out.
  2. Talk to Sergo. (Just talk around till his name appears)
  3. Talk to Sergo again, then the guards. You'll be able to get out of that room.
  4. Explore the ship until you find Sprite. He ate all the ship's food!
  5. Continue on until you find Girl.
  6. The Empire will come. Talk to Ghestar. You'll have to fight him. Continually use Sprite's magic on. Choose the weakest HP damaging one of whatever element you want to work on. Also use regular attacks. Hurry back and forth, following him. You shouldn't get hurt too badly. You'll be rewarded with the Whip's Orb.
  7. Talk around. Go up. You'll be in Kakkara.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. Stock up on items and get Watts to forge your weapons. You bought the new armor in Ice Country.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: 1000GP, Axe's Orb, Javelin's Orb
  • ENEMIES: Spider Legs, Mad Mallards, Pumpkin Bombs, Sand Stingers, Robin Foots, Dark Funks, Red Drops
  • BOSS: Minotaur (1200HP, 99MP, fear of Sylphid)

  1. Go south out of town, then, in the desert, go south, west, then north.
  2. Go in and take the left door.
  3. Ignore all the Dark Funks
  4. Use Sprite's Exploder magic on the first crystal orb.
  5. Use only shooting weapons on the Red Drops if you don't want to get engulfed.
  6. In the first room with the red drops, go up the center door.
  7. Use Sprite's Fireball magic on this next crystal orb.
  8. Go north to get 1000 GP
  9. In the next room, head left and down the steps to get the Axe's Orb. Go back to that room and head down the hallway.
  10. You'll have to step on a switch really soon, so rembmer to do that. You'll also need to use the whip for transportation.
  11. In a big candle room, step on a switch then use Sprite's Freeze magic.
  12. Step between the two lamps that remain lit.
  13. You'll fight the boss when you go up the stairway. Have Sprite cast Thunderbolt over and oveer. DO NOT use physical attacks on him once he turns red, just magic. Have everyone stay away from him the whole time because his attacks can really be annoying. You'll be rewarded with the Javelin's orb.
  14. Return to Kakkara.