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Potos Village-Village of the Dwarves | The Witch's Palace-The Water Palace (right before The Upper Land) | The Upper Land-The Fire Palace | Southtown-The Emperer's Castle | The Dark Palace-Sage Joch | Sunken Continent-The End

Sunken Continent | The Pure Land | Mana Fortress


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Spear's Orb, Dryad's Magic, Boomerang's Orb, Bow's Orb, Sword's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Whip's Orb, Spear's Orb
  • ENEMIES: Dark Knights, Shape Shifters, Metal Crawlers, Dinofishes, Steelpions, Marmablues, Kimono Wizards, Basilisks, Eggatrices, Captain Ducks, Fierce Heads, Grave Bats, Dark Stalkers, Ghouls, Eggplant Men, Needlions, Heck Hounds, Beast Zombies, Doom Swords, Turtlances, Gremlins, National Scars, Howlers
  • BOSSES: Aegagropilan, Hydra, Kettle Kin, Snap Dragon, Hexas, Mech Rider

  1. Go WSW until you find a gray continent. Find the palace and land there.
  2. Go inside. You'll have to fight a form of Sheex. He walls himself early in the fight so just use powered up attacks. You will be rewarded with the spear's orb.
  3. Go upstairs. You can't save the seed, but at least you'll get Dryad's magic.
  4. The continent rises. Flammie saves you.
  5. Land back on the continent.
  6. When you get back into a building, equip someone with the axe to chop down the little things in the waqy. To get the boomerang's orb past the waterfall, go across the top of it.
  7. In the next room, in the first waterfall, go to the far left and hit a switch to stop it. In the second waterfall, the switch is to the right.
  8. You'll soon reach Hydra. Beat him up with attacks and Fireball magic. You'll get the whip's orb when you win.
  9. On the conveyor belt go to the far left to find a switch.
  10. When you reach Watts, forge your weapons and talk to Krissie to refill your HP. No MP, though.
  11. At some places (big brown stairs), once you go down them you can't get back up. Look around for alternate routes, but if it's the only way on, it's the right way on.
  12. Step on a switch soon after a small square of water. It will open a path behind you.
  13. To open the next blocked path, step between the 4 squares
  14. In the place with 4 different color blocks on the wall, hit them in the following order: red, blue, yellow, green
  15. Step on the switch before going down. You'll notice that it's an old place.... But with a new path opened!
  16. You'll soon reach a train full of Ghouls.
  17. Soon after that, you'll find two structures that look like tiny rooms. Go in the right one- it's a switch. Then head down.
  18. In a little while you'll reach the Scorpion Army. You'll have to fight the Kettle Kin. He casts Lucid Barrier on himself early in the fight. He also isn't afraid of anything- try Shade, Salamando, and Sylphid. Luckily, Kettle Kin will run out of MP eventually and regular attacks are good. You will be rewarded with the bow's orb.
  19. You'll finally be inside! The whip is important here.
  20. Start with the center door. Use Freeze on the crystal orb in the right room. Use Speed Down in the left room.
  21. Then go back to the first room. Go up the steps and in the top door.
  22. In the first crystal orb room, cast Silence. Then skip the center door and go to the right after going down one. In the crystal orb room here use Fireball.
  23. Then go in the center door you skipped. Go in the door up the steps. Hit the switch you soon reach. Don't go in the middle. It will waste your time if you do it right now.
  24. Instead, go down to the side doors. They both lead to crystal orb rooms. Use Lucent Beam in the left room and Dark Force in the right.
  25. Go back up and in that center door. You will soon reach a room with lots of switches. Step on them all. Then use the whop on the left side.
  26. In the crystal orb room you reach, use Magic Absorb.
  27. If you haven't found the sword's orb here, go back and look for it.
  28. Then go to the right. Step on the switch.
  29. You'll find the Snap Dragon. Use Fireball over and over. It'll die quickly. You'll get the Javelin's Orb.
  30. Go up the steps to the left. You'll find the Emperor. Then go to the room behind you. You'll find Fanha and Thanatos.
  31. You'll have to fight Hexas. Use the Midge Mallet to undo its Pygmus Glare. Use Fireball magic and powered up attacks to beat her. When you win, you'll get the whip's orb.
  32. Go on and step on the switch. You will fight a Mech Rider. Beat it with powere'd attacks. One good thing about him is that he's dumb enough to cast Speed Up on himself while he's walled, putting it on you. You'll get the Spear's orb.
  33. Then the continent will sink again. Flammie comes and saves you again.
  34. Go to a town to stock up on items and forge your weapons. Then go to the Potos Village area to work on Dryad's levels. You can't restore yourself at the Water Palace anymore, but you can sneak back into Potos and stay for only 5GP.
  35. Land back at Dryad's Palace. Run all the way around it and buy new good armor from Neko.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Axe's Orb, Bow's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Glove's Orb, Sword's Orb, Boomerang's Orb
  • ENEMIES: Needlions, Griffin Hands, Mushglooms, Ice Thugs, Ghosts
  • BOSSES: Dragon Worm, Snow Dragon, Axe Beak, Red Dragon, Thunder Gigas, Blue Dragon

  1. Go to towns to forge your weapons, stock up on items, and stay at an inn. Now would also be a good time to level up your magic, especially Girl's Luna and Lumina, since their magic can help you a lot against enemies that deal damage in the triple digits.
  2. The Pureland is a rather large island north of Kakkara.
  3. Have Girl start by casting Moon Saber & Moon Energy or Lucid Barrier to protect you. Recast whenever necessary.
  4. After the screen with the waterfalls, go up.
  5. You'll meet the Dragon Worm in the next screen. Simply destroy him with Sylphid's magic. Win, and you'll get the Axe's Orb.
  6. Go up again, and you'll reach a stone gate. Go left. You'll meet the Snow Dragon. Cast Sprite's Fireball and Girl's Fire Boquet to kill him. You'll get the Bow's orb when you win. Then go back to the gate.
  7. Take a right and enter a cave. You'll find Axe Beak in the cave. Have Sprite cast Freeze over and over to kill it. Win and you'll get the Javelin's Orb.
  8. You'll soon find another gate. To the left of this one is the Red Dragon. Sprite's Freeze magic will make haste of him. Win and you'll get the Glove's Orb.
  9. You'll soon find the Thunder Gigas. Gem Missiles or Earth Slides will do the trick on him. When you win, you'll get the Sword's Orb.
  10. The next gate is not far away. To the left of this is the blue dragon. Use Gnome's magic to kill it. When you win, you'll get the boomerang's orb.
  11. Go on, and you'll reach the Mana Tree! But just when the group thinks they've done it, Thanatos destroys the tree! The Mana Tree says that the ghost in Potos was Boy's dad, Serin, and she was his mother. She then asks your party to go to the Mana Fortress to save the world.


  • ENEMIES: Captain Ducks, Dark Stalkers, Kimono Wizards, Metal Crawlers, Fiend Heads, Metal Crabs, Turtlances, Tsunamis, Heck Hounds, Wolf Lords, Howlers, National Scars, Doom Swords, Beast Zombies, Imps, Whimpers, Marmablues, Shape Shifters, Basilisks, Eggatrices, Master Ninjas, Terminators, Dark Knights
  • BOSSES: Buffy, Dread Slime, Dark Lich, Mana Beast

  1. It's a bit tough to get in. Just fly Flammie around near it (a black ball) till you can enter.
  2. After you go in, you'll need the whip. In this same room, step on the purple square to create a bridge. In the rest of the Mana Fortress, you'll need the axe, whip, and purple squares to get around.
  3. There are then two paths. Take the bottom path; the top one is a dead end. Then you'll be teleported to Buffy the vampire. (Looks like Squaresoft forgot that Buffy is a vampire slayer)
  4. Buffy is weak against Lumina, but any of Sprite's magic except Shade will do just fine. Magic drain also works.
  5. After beating Buffy, you'll have many paths to choose from. The left and right paths meet (when they do, there will be an arrow pointing back the way you came from). If you take the right path, when you have the choice between a path down and a whip place up, go up. At the meeting place, go to the right side of the screen.
  6. Soon, you'll be teleported to Dread Slime. His fear doesn't seem to change like Lime Slime's, so just cast dark force over and over. It's slime surrounding grows with time, but I don't think it matters.
  7. After here, finding your way is easy.
  8. Soon you'll meet Thanatos and Dyluck. Thanatos is about to take over Dyluck's body!! You'll have to fight Thanatos in the form of Dark Lich. Lumina and Dryad are especially effective.
  9. After defeating Thanatos, Dryad's mana magic is unsealed! The entire fortress starts shaking, and you have to leave... But then a mana beast comes! It's going to destroy the world in its attempts to restore mana, so you have to kill it. Equip Boy with the sword and use both Girl's and Sprite's mana magics on him.
  10. In the battle against the Mana Beast, the MB attacks in a pattern where he hits several times and you get a short period in which you can deal damage. Power up when the beast is flying around and release when he's in front of you. Casting moon saber to eliminate the need for a cure water every time you're attacked is a great way to save MP.
  11. And you've won!!!!! Hope my walkthrough was helpful!