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Potos Village-Village of the Dwarves | The Witch's Palace-The Water Palace (right before The Upper Land) | The Upper Land-The Fire Palace | Southtown-The Emperer's Castle | The Dark Palace-Sage Joch | Sunken Continent-The End

Potos Village | To the Water Palace | The Water Palace | To Pandora | Pandora | To the Haunted Forest | The Haunted Forest | Gaia's Navel | The Village of Dwarves


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: The Sword, Sword Orb, 50GP
  • ENEMIES: Rabites
  • BOSS: Mantis Ant

  1. The Boy and his friends Timothy and Elliot sneak out to the waterfall. Boy falls down.
  2. Boy finds a sword, and a mysterious ghost appears and tells him to take it.
  3. After this, you can change the controller settings to whatever feels most comfortable for you.
  4. Boy ventures into the woods to get back to town. He'll encounter many rabites. They're really easy so just fight them all. You're probably going to gain a level and a weapon level and find many treasure boxes filled with candies or small amounts of GTP.
  5. You should get to Potos Village without a problem. Talk to everyone except the elder, who is in front of the raised house. Be sure to buy a bandana and at least 2 or 3 candies. If you don't have enough money, go back and fight more rabites. You probably won't have to stay at the inn, but if you're missing a significant amount of HP, go ahead.
  6. When you think you're prepared for the boss, talk to the elder. He tells you that your sword is the legendary mana sword, and monsters are attacking the village now that it's in your hands.
  7. Then there's an earthquake and you and Elliot fall down into a hole wqhere the boss is. A man, Jema, gives you helpful advice for defeating the Mantis Ant. Just keep your HP above 20 or so and it'll be a cinch. You will be rewarded with a sword orb. You can't use it yet, but later it'll do you a lot of good.
  8. Jema advises you to go to Sage Luka in the Water Palace.
  9. Go back to the elder's house. You are banished from the village, but it's the only way to get farther in the game. Be sure to take the treasure downstairs. Talk to the elder to learn about Boy's past.
  10. Go to the store and make sure you have 4 candies and 4 medical herbs. If you have the money, buy a cup of wishes too. Go to the inn and save. (You can save whether or not you spend the night.)
  11. Talk to the guard. If you are sure you are ready, say you have everything you need.


  • ENEMIES: Rabites, Lullabuds, Mushbooms
  • BOSS: None

  1. Head south, fighting any enemies you come across. Use candies when you HP drops below 15. Use a medical herb immediately if you have poison. Don't waste your time at the cannon travel center- that's just paying to put your levels behind. Watch out for pink flowers- they're really enemies.
  2. Read signs to make sure you're going to the Water Palace. Don't waste your time heading for Pandora because you can't get in.
  3. Stop at Neko's. Buy yourself a wristband. If you're out of candies and/or medical herbs, buy some.
  4. When you find the soldiers, talk to them for information on the witch, who you'll meet later. Talk to the middle soldiers last.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. Run through the palace until you reach Luka. You will need to step on some switches to create missing staircases.
  2. Luka will tell you important information about your sword and the Mana Fortress. When you have a choice of what to say, it doesn't really matter what you choose.
  3. When you hold your sword up to the seed, it will allow magic to become stronger. (You don't have any yet.)
  4. Luka will give you the spear, restore you, and let you save. Equip the spear so it can gain levels and it's stronger than the sword.


  • ENEMIES: Rabites, Lullabuds, Mushbooms
  • BOSS: None

  1. Leave the Water Palace and head south. Use candies if your HP runs low and medical herbs if you get poisoned.
  2. You will get captured by goblins along the way. Don't worry, a girl in pink will save you. After you get back out, continue on as normal.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the store and stock up on candies and medical herbs.
  2. Head up to the castle. (From the store, go right, then go up)
  3. Talk to as many people as you feel like, but explore the whole castle.
  4. You will meet the girl who saved you. She will join you with the glove equipped. You aren't supposed to do this yet, but I strongly reccomend it. Buy girl a hair ribbon and as many cups of wishes as you can carry/afford.


  • ENEMIES: Mushbooms, Lullabud, Buzz Bees, Rabites
  • BOSS: None

  1. Left of the inn is another exit out of Pandora. This is the way to Gaia's Navel.
  2. Don't let anyone with low HP open treasure boxes- some of them may contain traps which could kill that character.
  3. Stop by Kippo Village to shop. Buy 2 elbow pads, 1 kung fu dress, 1 chain vest, candies, medical herbs, and cups of wishes. If you don't have enough money to buy everything, leave town, fight some enemies, and come back.
  4. When you get past Kippo Village, go straight up. Use the sword to chop down flowers to get to the portal.


  • ENEMIES: Chobin Hoods, Mushbooms, Blats
  • BOSS: None

  1. Use the sword to chop down rosebushes so you can reach the Chobin Hoods. Watch out for their arrows. They're deadly if you're not careful.
  2. Up the stairs is a portal. Go there.
  3. Head left and talk to the statues. Girl will tell you to go to Gaia's Navel to see if you can get an axe.
  4. Head outside.


  • ENEMIES: Lullabuds, Mushbooms, Buzz Bees, Blats, Kid Goblins, Green Drops
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go around in the circles, heading downwards.
  2. When you find the caves, go in the right one to find Neko. You might need to stock up on items.
  3. Go in the left cave to get to the Village of Dwarves. You will have to go through a long cave to get through. In the room with the lava, there's a switch in a room to the left you have to press. In the room directly after that, don't forget to find the magic rope in a side room.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Spear's Orb, Boomerang, Bow, Axe
  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: Tropicallo

  1. Talk to the people in the town. Don't go into the door w/o a sign yet.
  2. Go to Watts and get the sword forged.
  3. Go to the store and buy 1 headgear, 1 spikey suit, 2 power wrists, and as many candies, mnedical herbs, and cups of wishes and you can hold/afford.
  4. If you don't have at least 150 GP, leave the town and fight enemies until you do.
  5. Go in the door with no sign, and head to the left. At the show, pay money when the dwarf tells you to.
  6. After the show, go in the right room. You'll overhear that it's all a scam, so the elder pays you back.
  7. Make sure you're well equipped before leaving.
  8. When you leave, the dwarf town will be attacked by Tropicallo. Only attack him when the shell is open. Power up before that happens. Use candies when your HP gets low. You'll get a Spear's Orb when you win.
  9. After the fight, you'll talk with the Elder and the Sprite. Sprite will join with the Boomerang equipped. Talk to the elder to get the Bow.
  10. Buy Sprite a Power Wrist, a Spikey Suit, and a Rabite Cap. If you have the money, stock up on items.
  11. Go to Watts and buy the Axe. Then forge the Spear.
  12. As always, if you don't have enough money to afford everything, go outside and fight enemies. Be sure to take care of Sprite.
  13. Take Watts's shortcut to leave.