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Potos Village-Village of the Dwarves | The Witch's Palace-The Water Palace (right before The Upper Land) | The Upper Land-The Fire Palace | Southtown-The Emperer's Castle | The Dark Palace-Sage Joch | Sunken Continent-The End

To the Witch's Palace | The Witch's Palace | To the Water Palace | The Water Palace | To the Underground Palace | The Underground Palace | To the Pandora Ruins | Pandora Ruins | Good stuff in Pandora | The Water Palace | Village of the Dwarves | The Water Palace


  • ENEMIES: Lullabuds, Mushbooms, Buzz Bees, Chobin Hoods, Blats, Eye Spies
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the Haunted Forest
  2. In the Haunted Forest, you can use not only the sword but also the axe to chop down roses.
  3. After going through that first portal, head right.
  4. Go through the portal at the end of that passageway. Step on the portal-looking thing at the other end of the area. It's not a portal, but it lets you go through a place later on.
  5. Go back to the place you needed an axe for and use the axe.
  6. Go through the portal. At the first flight of stairs going up you reach, forget about it and go on in the other direction.
  7. Keep on going. You will soon reach the Witch's Palace.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Boomerang's orb, 50 GP, the Whip
  • ENEMIES: Eye Spies, Chobin Hoods, Werewolves, Polter Chairs
  • BOSS: Spikey Tiger

  1. To get inside, turn left and walk on as the path lets you.
  2. Step on the switch to open the bars.
  3. Watch out for the chairs in the next room- they're actually enemies.
  4. In the next room, go to the left path to go on. The right is only Polter Chairs.
  5. In the jail room, talk to the man directly behind the bars. Then go to the next cell and talk to Neko. Buy more of your basic items (chocolates, candies, medical herbs, cups of wishes). Don't waste your money on other stuff.
  6. Then go up and step on the switch. Change to shooting weapons to kill the Werewolves for easy experience. Then change your weapons back.
  7. In the room after that, fight the enemies, then go through the middle door. If you want to work on your levels, go through the other doors first.
  8. There is a switch you must step on to move a wall.
  9. Talk to Elinee the witch. If you want, use candies to recover your HP before fighting the boss.
  10. Go through the door and watch Elinee send Dyluck to Thanatos. Listen to Elinee because she leaks out important information.
  11. Then you will fight the boss. Attack him when he's on the ground and power up when he isn't. Get out of his shadow if you're ever in it. Use items as necessary. Also note that the boomerang can hit him when he's up on the pillars. You'll get the boomerang's orb when you win.
  12. After winning, go back and talk to Elinee. Get the treasure.
  13. Luka will telepathically tell Boy to go to the Water Palace.


  • ENEMIES: Chobin Hoods, Blats, Buzz Bees
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go back to the staircase in the Haunted Forest I told you to skip earlier
  2. Use the whip to grab the pole and jump across the hole.
  3. You will get to the land by the Water Palace after going through the portal.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Glove's Orb, Undine's magic, the Javelin
  • ENEMIES: Iffishes
  • BOSS: Tonpole (600 HP, 0 MP, fear of Salamando); Biting Lizard (770 HP, 6 MP, fear of Salamando)

  1. Go talk to Luka.
  2. Leave the building and go down the stairs. Turn right, then up, then right to get to the waterfall.
  3. Fight the iffishes in the next two rooms, then use candies if necessary.
  4. In the room aftedr that, you will fight a harmless Tonpole.
  5. After killing the Tonpole, it will become a Biting Lizard. Change to long range weapons. Stay out of lines a multiple of 90 degrees from him. Use healing items when needed. You will be rewarded with a Glove's Orb.
  6. Go in the back room and talk to Undine. She will teach Girl and Sprite magic and give you the Pole Dart. From now on, you can use Cure Water as an alternative to candies and chocolates and Remedy as an alternative to Medical Herbs.
  7. Go talk to Luka.


  • ENEMIES: Chobin Hoods, Mushbooms, Blats, Buzz Bees, Lullabuds, Rabites
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to Neko's and buy as many Faerie Walnuts as you can hold/afford.
  2. To get to Gaia's Navel, go via either Pandora or the Haunted Forest.
  3. Use Watt's shortcut to get to the Village of the Dwarves.
  4. Get Watts to forge your weapons
  5. Stock up on items at the shop.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Axe's orb, Gnome's magic
  • ENEMIES: Goblins, Ma Goblins, Blats, Green Drops, Chess Knights
  • BOSS: Fire Gigas

  1. Go in and use Sprite's Freeze magic on the crystal orb.
  2. It's important to keep enemies stunned by hacking them, especially Chess Knights.
  3. If a passage is blocked, look for nearby switches.
  4. When you get to the stage, you will meed Gnome. Sprite will beat him up, then you'll fight the Fire Gigas.
  5. Use Sprite's Freeze magic over and over. Have Girl use Cure Water magic when your HP runs low. The Fire Gigas will occasionaly disappear- take advantige of these times to cure and power up. When Sprite's MP runs out, you will have to resort to a Faerie Walnut if you have one. Otherwise, use attacks. You will be rewarded with the Axe's orb when you win.
  6. Go in the back room and talk to the Gnome. He will give you his magic. Then talk to the mana seed. Sprite will remember where he lives.
  7. Use the magic rope to leave.


  • ENEMIES: Mushbooms, Buzz Bees, Lullabuds, Rabites
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go stock up on items and forge weapons in the Village of the Dwarves.
  2. Use Watts' shortcut to leave.
  3. Go to Pandora. Talk to Phanna, a blue-haired girl.
  4. Why not sneak off to Neko's to buy chocolates and faerie walnuts?


  • ENEMIES: Tomato Men, Zombies, Evil Swords, Chess Knights
  • BOSS: Wall Face, 2x Chamber's Eye

  1. The ruins are south of town.
  2. Talk to Phanna to get inside.
  3. Tomato Men are hard to hit; try powering up the spear for an easier hit.
  4. As you go through, do not go into any small doors. They waste your time.
  5. When you find a bunch of zombies (not the enemy), recover yourself, then talk to Thanatos. He will send you to the boss.
  6. Use powered-up attacks and Sprite's Gem Missile magic to defeat the boss. Aim mostly for the middle eye, but only when it's open. When Sprite is running low on MP, finish it up with whichever spells you want, then use a faerie walnut. Use Girl's Cure Water magic when your HP runs relatively low. If the wall starts closing in on you, cast Sprite's Gem Missile magic as fast as you can until you win. You'll be rewarded with the Bow's Orb.
  7. Thanatos returns the townspeople to normal.
  8. Talk to Jema to leave.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: 200 GP, Spear's Orb, Sword's Orb
  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the other shop and stock up on items. Also buy 3 cobra bracelets.
  2. Go to the castle. Go in the king's room and talk to him. Then go in the treasure room and get the treasure.


  • ENEMIES: Lullabuds, Mushbooms, Rabites
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the Water Palace. On your way, buy better items like Faerie Walnuts at Neko's.
  2. Talk to Luka.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Whip's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Mana Seed
  • ENEMIES: Lullabuds, Mushbooms, Rabites, Buzz Bees, Chobin Hoods, Blats
  • BOSS: Kilroy

  1. Go to the Village of the Dwarves
  2. Forge your weapons
  3. Go talk to the elder and Jema.
  4. Go down the hole.
  5. Go down the steps. There is an important treasure, the whip's orb, in the first room.
  6. Make sure your HP isall right before going in the next room.
  7. You will meet the Scorpion Army. Then go through the door to fight Kilroy.
  8. Use powered up attacks to defeat this guy. Try not to get hit- you might become moogled! Don't forget to use Girl's Cure Water magic if your HP gets too low. You'll get a Javelin's orb and the Mana Seed if you win.
  9. Go forge weapons, stock up on items, and save at the inn.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Bow's orb, Whip's orb
  • ENEMIES: Buzz Bees, Lullabuds, Mushbooms, Rabites, Chobin Hoods, Blats, Iffishes, Water Thugs
  • BOSS: Jabberwocky

  1. Go to the Water Palace. If neccessary, stop at Neko's.
  2. When you get there, you will notice monsters everywhere. Defeat them and go inside. Monsters are also inside.
  3. When you get to Luka, people from the Empire will be there. It doesn't matter whether or not you choose to hand over the seed. Either way, Ghestar will get it.
  4. Then you'll fight the boss. Use Sprite's Gem Missile magic and powered up attacks. You'll get the Bow's orb when you win.
  5. Go up and talk to Jema to get the whip's orb. Talk to Luka for useful information. Talk to her again to get restored and save your game.