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Potos Village-Village of the Dwarves | The Witch's Palace-The Water Palace (right before The Upper Land) | The Upper Land-The Fire Palace | Southtown-The Emperer's Castle | The Dark Palace-Sage Joch | Sunken Continent-The End

Fun on Flammie | The Dark Palace | Lofty Mountains | Gold Isle | Gold Tower | Back to find Sage Joch | The Moon Palace | Looking for Sage Joch again | Tasnica | Sage Joch


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Midge Mallet, Sea Hare's Tail, Moogle Belt
  • ENEMIES: Buzz Bees
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to Montango to learn how to use Flammie. You might as well stock up on items and forge your weapons while you're there.
  2. Go to the Village of the Dwarves. Gaia's Navel is to the southeast. Talk to the Elder to get the Midge Mallet. It can cause and undo the pygmized status. Buy some candies, too.
  3. Go northwest until you reach the Fire Palace (a rectangle on a hill in the desert). Don't stop there- head south until you reach a small island with a few houses. Land there and head into the big house. Talk to the man and get the Sea Hare's tail
  4. Go to Kakkara. Talk to Amar, a man above the dirt hole. Give him the Sea Hare's Tail and water will appear in the hole and he gives you the Moogle Belt.
  5. Take Flammie to Gold City. Get there by going north to the Pure Land, an island with a whitish hole. Then turn southeast and look for an island with a city on it. Land there and find the shop. Purchase 3 lazuri rings, 3 battle suits, 2 duck helms, and 1 dragon helm. They're pretty expensive, so buy the ones with the best deals first. (Dragon Helm first, Duck Helms second, Battle Suits third, and Lazuri Rings last.)
  6. Now this is really good. You want to rest at an inn for 5GP? (Even though Luka restores you for free) Go to Potos and in front of the guard hold the up button and press select over and over again. I haven't tried every possible action, so I don't know if some of it might crash your SNES.


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: 1000GP, Glove's Orb, Javelin's Orb, Shade's Magic
  • ENEMIES: Fierce Heads, Dark Knights, Dark Ninjas, Embermen, Grave Bats, Imps
  • BOSS: Lime Slime

  1. Go to the Lofty Mountains. Get there by flying around the continent to thfe south of Gold City until you find a giant mountain range. Land on the green spot by a rectangle that's not by the town.
  2. Go in the cave.
  3. When you get to the 2nd room, take the right door.
  4. When you find you need the axe, chop down the rocks to the right. Then take the door to the south.
  5. In the next room, head left first. Step on the switch behind the doorway then go back and head down.
  6. After going a little way, you'll find a treasure box with 1000GP.
  7. When you find some stairs leading up, go up them instead of to the other room.
  8. Use the whip to reach the switch.
  9. Use the magic rope so you don't have to bother walking back to the beginning to get on.
  10. While you're there, go in the middle door to find the Glove's Orbs.
  11. Head in the right door. In the axe room, go left.
  12. Soon you will reach a room with a switch. 2 parallel rows of flame will appear. Go through the passage they make. Keep on doing this process until you reach the door.
  13. Then you will reach the boss. Use whichever magic he is weak against at the time (it changes) and powered up attacks. It starts weak against Salamando, but when it changes color his fear changes. It will take a little time and a little healing, but you'll beat him. You'll get the Javelin's Orb.
  14. Go talk to Shade, then the Mana Seed. Only Sprite can use Shade's magic.
  15. Use the magic Rope to leave.
  16. Sneak off to Gold City. Forge your weapons and buy any items you couldn't affort earlier.
  17. Go to the Water Palace to get restored and save the game.
  18. Work on Shade's levels till they're reasonable. Then see Luka.


  • ENEMIES: Bomb Bees, Trap Flowers, Eggatrices
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go to the Lofty Mountains. Land in the same place as before.
  2. Head right and up the mountain. You'll need the whip.
  3. You will reach a cave. Go in and talk to the bird guy.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: None

  1. Continue your shopping here.
  2. Talk to the townspeople.
  3. Get on Flammie and head ESE. Stop when you reach the end of the continent and look for a small town. It's Southtown. Land there and talk to Mara.
  4. Return to Gold Isle


  • IMPORTANT TREASURE: Spear's Orb, Boomerang's Orb, Axe's Orb, Bow's Orb, Lumina's magic
  • ENEMIES: Beast Zombies, Dark Ninjas, Weepy Eyes, Wizard Eyes, Embermen
  • BOSS: Blue Spike, Gorgon Bull

  1. Get the treasure of the Spear's Orb in the first room. You're so close to Watts that you might as well just leave and forge it.
  2. Up the first stairway is the first boos. Beat him with powered up attacks. If you insist on using magic, use Salamando's because the rest won't work. You'll get the Boomerang's orb.
  3. Go up the stairs and get the Axe's Orb.
  4. Get Watts to forge your weapons.
  5. Up the next flight of steps is the 2nd boss. Just beat him up with repeated Air Blast magics. An occasional attack doesn't hurt, but you've gotta be careful. You'll be rewarded with the bow's orb.
  6. Go up the stairs to get Lumina's magic. Only Girl can use this. Also get the Seed's power.


  • ENEMIES: Bomb Bees, Trap Flowers, Eggatrices
  • BOSS: None

  1. Finish armor-shopping at Gold City. Stock up on items. Forge the bow.
  2. Go back to the Lofty Mountains. Climb it until you reach the cave. Talk to Jehk. He tells you to go to the Moon Palace.


  • ENEMIES: Mad Mallards, Pumpkin Bombs, Marmablues
  • BOSS: None

  1. Go north to the desert, then find the black pool. Land on a green part right by it.
  2. Go up. You will find a ferry and a nice Robin Foot named Karon.
  3. Go up into the Moon Palace. Have only Boy get near the Marmablues
  4. In the room full of nothing, I think you're supposed to follow the stars. Oh well, it won't take long.
  5. When you find a crystal orb, use Lucent Beam on it. In the next room you'll get Luna's magic. Also talk to the Mana seed.
  6. Leave by using the magic rope. Then take the ferry back down to the desert. Call Flammie.
  7. Go to the Water Palace to work on Lumina and Luna's levels. (And anything else that needs help.)


  • ENEMIES: Bomb Bees, Trap Flowers, Eggatrices
  • BOSS: None

  1. Climb the mountain and talk to Jehk. He says to go to Tasnica.


  • ENEMIES: None
  • BOSS: Dark Stalker

  1. Head WSW to find Tasnica.
  2. You will find Jema very soon. He informs you that there's an imperial spy in the castle.
  3. Wander around the king. You'll fight the boss. He's really easy- almost just a regular enemy!
  4. The real king gives you the Sword's orb
  5. On the way back to the Lofty Mountains, stop at a town to forge the sword.


  • ENEMIES: Bomb Bees, Trap Flowers, Eggatrices, Nitro Pumpkins, Shapeshifters (which turn into Captain Ducks, Eggplant Men that produce Needlions, Beast Zombies, and Rabites), Marmablues
  • BOSS: Shadow 1, Shadow 2, Shadow 3

  1. Climb the mountain
  2. Sage Joch is finally there. He has you go farther on in the cave.
  3. The axe and whip are important for getting through.
  4. Nitro Pumpkins are hard to hit, but not that hard to beat.
  5. Eggplant Men use Lucid Barrier on themselves, so you'll have to cast magic to beat them.
  6. Needlions are extremely hard. If you decide to fight them, be prepared for taking several hundred damages with each attack.
  7. After a while, you will reach the boss- 3 shadows of your characters. Use regular attacks on them. When you win, leave.
  8. You will find out that Jehk is actually Sage Joch and the Joch you've been seeing is just an image.