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Zombies are undead and uncontrollable.

Zombie's Skill: Zombie Skill

Zombie's Automatic Abilities: Undead

Zombie's Stats
HP: 0
MP: 0
Physical Attack: Very High
Magic Attack: Very low
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: None

Zombie's Abilities
Undead: Support ability. You have an undead status. With 0 HP, you can live, and with 0 MP you can cast any spells.
Eat Brains: Cause confusion
Spook: Lower brave
Zombie Breath: Cause undead
Zombify: Turn dead/crystallized units into zombies that attack both parties. If you use this on a crystallized ally, he/she/it is not lost permanantly
Eat Neighbor: Take extra HP from somebody next to you. If there's somebody next to the chomped unit, it says, "Zombies ate my neighbors!"

Any ideas for more Zombie abilities? Email me your suggestions!