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Witches cast harmful long-lasting spells. Their magical powers are the best in the game.

Witch's Skill: Witchcraft

Witch's Automatic Abilities: Weak against water

Witch's Stats
HP: Very Low
MP: Very High
Physical Attack: Very low
Magic Attack: Very high
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: None

Witch's Abilities
Cackle: Lower target's faith
Poison: Cause poison
Toad: Cause frog
Mute: Cause silence
Brew: Mix items together to create dangerous affects
Witch Hunt: Support ability. All enemies attack you
Float on Water: Movement ability. Go on top of water
Pain: Cause silence, poison, and darkness
Blind: Cause darkness
Stone: Cause petrify

Any ideas for more Witch abilities? Email me your suggestions!