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Vampire Slayers are completely useless unless there's an enemy with Blood Suck.

Vampire Slayer's Skill: Slay

Vampire Slayer's Automatic Abilities: None

Vampire Slayer's Stats
HP: Very Low
MP: Very Low
Physical Attack: Low
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: None (There aren't any wooden stakes in FFT, are there?)

Vampire Slayer's Abilities

Slay Vampire: Kill somebody with Blood Suck
Anti-Vampire Field: Support ability. Nobody can get blood suck.
Counter Vampire: Reaction ability. Kill somebody with blood suck who targets you.
Buffy: All the units look like Buffy. This has no purpose for the battle.

Any ideas for more Vampire Slayer abilities? Email me your suggestions!