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Turtles are extremely slow, but have high defensive abilities.

Turtle's Skill: Turtle Skill

Turtle's Automatic Abilities: Swim, Absorb Water

Turtle's Stats
HP: Very High
MP: Average
Physical Attack: High
Magic Attack: Average
Move: 3
Jump: 1
Weapons: None

Turtle's Abilities

Swim: Movement ability. You can move twice as far in water
Water Gun: If Turtle is near or in water, it can suck up water in its mouth and shoot it at an enemy
Shell Throw: Turtle hurls itself at a target.
Become Endangered: Turtle dies. No benifit from this.
Hide in Shell/Return: Turtle can hide in its shell so it cannot do anything, but cannot be hit
Absorb Water: Absorb water damage

Any ideas for more Turtle abilities? Email me your suggestions!