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Menu tips | "Experiencing" tips | General battle tips

Menu Tips

  • Learn Accumulate and Gained JP Up ASAP.
  • See what abilities you can learn after each battle.
  • Change your equipment often.
  • Save after each battle.
  • Change jobs often, but keep at least on squire and one chemist at the beginning of the game; have at least 2 fighters who can revive dead characters at the later stages of the game.
  • Have all 5 abilities (Command 1, command 2, Reaction ability, support ability, and movement ability) filled ASAP.

"Experiencing" Tips

  • Have Gained JP Up as your support ability, if possible.
  • Have Move-Exp/Jp Up as soon as you can. (Not for a while.)
  • Do something that will give you JP every turn. This does not include moving (without Gained JP-Up), defending, changing equipment, or attacking nothing. Attack a fellow party member if you have to and it will not kill him/her.
  • Fight on Mandalia Plains, if possible.
  • If the enemies are easy, kill chocobos first.
  • Mediators are VERY good to have, but Oracles could do the same.
  • Watch for counter attacks.
  • Have jobs you're pretty good with, but not master, with Basic Skill [Squire] as the 2nd command.
  • Remember: The killing hit gains you more experience.
  • Remember: You ALWAYS have 0 experience after you gain a level.
  • When someone dies, bring him/her/it back to life ASAP.
  • If someone dies and you're out of MP/Phoenix Downs, kill the enemies as fast as possible.
  • Dancing and singing are good for usefully going several times a turn, expecially Winznaibus and Life Song, which are fast and always work.
  • If possible, have the last enemy remaining a goblin, whom you make worthless by turning it into a chicken [low brave] or a frog, putting it to sleep, etc. and sit around accumulating and attacking and curing yourself. A yellow chocobo really helps; use the Mediator's Invite to get one!

General Battle Tips

  • Keep a good variety of characters- usually at least 2 characters with good healing and at least 2 on offense. Include some who can attack from a distance, too.
  • Try to keep your low-HP fighters farther away from the enemies, but not so far that they can't be of any use.
  • If a fighter dies, revive him/her/it immediately. If you hesitate, you might go too far away from the target or something and the timer will run out!
  • Try to target enemies that have long-range attacks first. These can be a real pain!
  • Concentrate on one or two enemies at a time, because you haven't done away with an enemy if you just took away half of its HP. Kill them before moving on.
  • If you're facing a lot of wizards or other enemies that use attacks that target whole areas, try to keep your fighters spread out 2 or 3 spaces from each other.
  • Beware of reaction abilities. If an enemy has one that may affect one type of fighter, use a different approach. For example, if you're attacking a monk with reaction ability counter, try shooting him/her from a distance with an archer or chemist.
  • If you have elemental attacks, check any monsters' weaknesses and strengths so you can use the right elements. (If you don't know this info already)
  • Keep in mind the info on "experiencing," but DO NOT let it get in the way of defeating the enemy. Why not gain some extra JP while you're in a fight?