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Boy | Girl | Sprite | Flammie | Truffle | Dyluck | Phanna | Mara | Krissie | Neko | Watts | Jema | Luka | Thanatos | Sheex | Ghestar | Fanha | Emperor


Boy is an orphan living in Potos. One day, while sneaking out to the waterfall in Potos, Boy accidentally pulled out the legendary Mana Sword. But it wasn't just a coincidence that he pulled out the sword, it was his fate to become the Mana Knight. (You'll see why near the end of the game, but I don't want to spoil it for you.) Boy can't use magic, but he's a good fighter. Top


Girl is a girl from Pandora. She's in love with Dyluck, but her parents don't want her to marry him. When Boy was captured by goblins, she mistook him for Dyluck and saved him. Girl can use healing magic and is a mediocre fighter. Top


Sprite is a playful little guy who got washed down from the Upper Land to Gaia's Navel. He lost his memory, and when he hears that you're going to visit the 8 mana palaces, the Dwarf Elder suggests that Sprite go along in hopes of recovering his memory. Sprite, although the worst fighter in your group, has powerful black magic. Top


Flammie is the last of the white dragons. You find him as an injured baby outside of Montango. You'll take him back to King Truffle, who will raise him. After a while, Flammie will grow up and will fly you all over the world. Top


Truffle is the mushroom king of Montango. He and his people are very friendly and welcome you to their kingdom. King Truffle is not only hospitable, but he also raises Flammie and gives him to you. Top


Dyluck is Girl's boyfriend and a fine Pandora warrior. When he went on a mission to slay the evil witch Elinee, she sent him to Thanatos. Thanatos enslaved Dyluck, and now Girl's mission is to save him. Top


Phanna is Girl's blue-haired friend. When Thanatos brainwashed Dyluck, he brainwashed Phanna too. Unlike Dyluck, she was taken into the care of the Resistance in Northtown. Top


Mara is a spy working for the Resistance and against the Empire in Southtown. If you have any questions concerning the Empire, she'll have the empire. Top


At only age 18, Krissie is the young leader of the Resistance, a group against the Empire. She's very smart for her age and thinks up many clever plans against the Empire. Top


Watts is the helmet-wearing blacksmith from Gaia's Navel. I think he's the world's best blacksmith, but he's not very famous when you consider his skill. He follows you around so you can have your weapons forged wherever you are. Top


This cat follows you around the world with his bag of stuff. He charges double prices for his stuff, but you can get help from him almost everywhere in the world and sometimes has good stuff. Unfortunately, this cat doesn't have enough of a brain to know that he needs more than three customers to run a business! :-) Top


Jema is a knight from Tasnica. You'll meet him many times throughout your journey. He gives you a lot of helpful information and fights against the Empire, but he never fights alongside you. (Too bad, he seems like he'd be really good.) Top


Luka is the sage living at the Water Palace. She's 200 years old, but she looks young. She's among the most convenient people in the game because she acts as a free inn. Top


Thanatos is one of the top imperial warriors and the most evil of all. He brainwashed both Dyluck and Phanna and turned the peoples of Pandora into zombies. He tends to hang out in monster-infested cathedrals and sends walls to attack you, but he doesn't actually attack you himself until late in the game. Top


Sheex is an imperial spy. He doesn't really come into the scene much until pretty late in the game. He isn't very strong until he turns himself into the Aegagropolin. And...well, compared to Thanatos and Fanha, he's not really too powerful even then. Top


Ghestar is an imperial general. Unlike the other powers of the Empire, he doesn't sit there sending out his minions to attack you. He fights you as the Mech Rider, and rides around the screen attacking you. Top


Why her name is simiar to Phanna's, I don't know, but she's certainly not Girl's friend. She's another member of the empire, less important than Thanatos and Ghestar. When she does fight you, she turns into Hexas, who's a pain to fight. Top


What the Emperor lacks in brute strength, he makes up for in cunning. He's one evil guy, trying to take over the world by abusing Mana. And he's not a complete moron like some members of the empire, and actually manages to trick the Resistance. Top