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Sheriffs are fighters whose abilities discourage crime.

Sheriff's Skill: Gun Skill

Sheriff's Automatic Abilities: Clean Up Town

Sheriff's Stats
HP: Average
MP: Relatively low
Physical Attack: Relatively high
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 4
Jump: 4
Weapons: Gun

Sheriff's Abilities
Clean Up Town: Support ability. Nobody in the fight can use steal and crime abilities.
Equip Gun: You can equip a gun.
Quickdraw: Reaction ability. When another unit attacks you with a projectile weapon, you attack it first
Confiscate: Support ability. As soon as you kill an enemy, you get an item. (The enemy will also become a treasure box or crystal as normal)
Handcuff: Cause paralysis
Backup: Other sheriffs join your party for this fight
Doubleshot: Attack the enemy twice. Only works with projectile weapons.
Total Shot: Continuously attack enemies in a range of 3.
AP Shot: Attack cuts through evade and elemental defenses
Silver Bullet: Deal a whole lot to a panther
Shoot Weapon: Break a weapon
Shoot Leg: Cancel move.
Investigation: Cancel a charge.

Any ideas for more Sheriff abilities? Email me your suggestions!