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If you've played Final Fantasy VIII, you should know what a SeeD do. They can earn salary and summon/junction GFs.

SeeD's Skill: GF

SeeD's Automatic Abilities: Junction

SeeD's Stats
HP: Very low
MP: Very low
Physical Attack: Very low
Magic Attack: Very low
Move: 2
Jump: 2
Weapons: Gun, Sword

SeeD's Abilities
Junction: Support ability. Your stats raise for all the magic spells you've ever learned in the game
Salary: Support ability. Earn gil for time spent playing the game
Quetzecoatl: Lightning elemental attack
Shiva: Ice elemental attack
Ifrit: Fire elemental attack
Siren: Attack, also silences
Carbunkl: Cast reflect on all allies
Brothers: Earth elemental attack
Leviathon: Water elemental attack
Pandemonia: Wind elemental attack
Doomtrain: Poison elemental attack
Bahamut: Non elemental attack
Alexander: Holy elemental attack
Cerebus: All your characters can cast 2 spells in one turn
Cactaur: Deals a fixed amount of damage based on your level
Tonberry: Nonelemental attack
Odin: Kills all enemies
Eden: Non elemental attack
Diablos: Halve targets' HP

Any ideas for more SeeD abilities? Email me your suggestions!