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Rune Mages are mages who cast spells dealing with magic. If you play the card game Magic, it's like the blue spells. (You'll see when you read its abilities.)

Rune Mage's Skill: Rune Magic

Rune Mage's Automatic Abilities: None

Rune Mage's Stats
HP: Average
MP: High
Physical Attack: Relatively low
Magic Attack: High
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Staff, Rod, Dictionary

Rune Mage's Abilities
Counter Magic: Reaction ability. Counter with the same spell cast on you
Fizzle: Reaction ability. Spells cast on you fizzle and do nothing
Auto-Reflect: Support ability. Reflect is always cast on you.
Fizzle 2: Reaction ability. All spells cast on any party members fizzle out. Doesn't work all the time.
Deflection: Support ability. Reflects spells for all party members. Doesn't work all the time
Reflect: Reflects magic used on you to the enemy
Runic: Spells fizzle out on you and you recover the MP it took to use it
Power Sink: Spells on you fizzle out on you, and the enemy uses double MP.
Half of MP: Support ability. Spells use half their MP
Shell: Defends against magic attacks
Shell 2: Defends against magic attacks

Any ideas for more Rune Mage abilities? Email me your suggestions!