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  • Why do people change hair colors, etc. when changing jobs?
  • Why does everyone walk in place in battle? If they can walk at all, why don't they walk TO somewhere?
  • Seeing as Rafa and Malak are two of the worst characters in the game, why does Barinten want them so badly?
  • How do you know all the enemies' names, including the monsters? Do they introduce themselves before battle?
  • Aren't you smart enough to attack the enemy if he moves after using the charge command?
  • If Eledibs is so powerful, why does he just hang around in a dungeon?
  • Orlandu is described as Olan?s adoptive father, stepfather, & father-in-law. So let's see here... Olan's parents got divorced, his mom married Orlandu, and Orlandu's daughter married Olan. And then Orlandu decided to adopt Olan.