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Gangsters are criminals who use illegal methods of battle. They are not thieves.

Gangster's Skill: Crime

Gangster's Automatic Abilities: None

Gangster's Stats
HP: Relatively high
MP: Average
Physical Attack: High
Magic Attack: Relatively low
Move: 4
Jump: 6
Weapons: Gun, Dagger

Gangster's Abilities
Racketeer: Support ability. Gain more money in battle
Extortion: Support ability. Shops will give you extra money when you enter.
Cronies: Call other gangsters to help you in a battle
Cronies 2: Pay money to get a gangster in your party permanantly
Contract: Pay money to hire a hitman to kill an enemy. Happens sometime within a few turns.
Shootout: Gangster and his cronies do a big shooting attack on several enemies.

Any ideas for more Gangster abilities? Email me your suggestions!