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Gamblers fight with an element of chance. Some of the gambler's more powerful attacks cost money.

Gambler's Automatic Abilities: None

Gambler's Stats
HP: Relatively high
MP: Low
Physical Attack: Relatively high
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Dagger

Gambler's Abilities
Coin Toss: Throw money for big damage
Poker: Either get a good attack or waste your turn
Slots: A random attack will be used, like Setzer's slots in Final Fantasy VI.
Dice: Gambler deals an amount relating to the number that comes up
Random Damage: Support ability. You deal a random amount of damage with your attack (usually greater than normal)
Random Counter: Reaction Ability. Counter with an attack that deals a random amount of damage

Any ideas for more Gambler abilities? Email me your suggestions!