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Cowboys come with their own horses to ride into battle. They specialize in guns and herding monsters.

Cowboy's Skill: Cowboy Skill

Cowboy's Automatic Abilities: Horse

Cowboy's Stats
HP: Relatively high
MP: Relatively low
Physical Attack: Average
Magic Attack: Average
Move: 6
Jump: 4
Weapons: Gun, Dagger

Cowboy's Abilities
Horse: Support ability. You ride a horse, increasing your speed. In addition, the horse sometimes takes damage for you.
Lasso: Drag target in front of you and paralyse it.
Cowboy's Song: Charms all enemies
Herd: Invite minotaur-like monsters into your party.
Rodeo: Movement ability. You can get on the backs of minotaur-like creatures, preventing them from going as you continue to go yourself. Occasionally, the minotaur will throw you off.

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