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Cowards have cowardly moves. Their main purpose in battle is to not get hurt.

Coward's Skill: Cowardice

Coward's Automatic Abilities: None

Coward's Stats
HP: Low
MP: Low
Physical Attack: Low
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 5
Jump: 5
Weapons: Bow, Crossbow, Gun, Harp, Dictionary

Coward's Abilities

Invisible: Coward can't be seen
Reflect: Spells get reflected off of coward
Hide/Return: Coward is completely removed from battle until s/he decides to return
Run: Your party runs from battle
Steal HP: Drain HP from your own party member
Twin: Create a fake version of you that is sometimes hit instead of you
Enemy Away: Support ability. You run into fewer enemies
Enemy Repel: Enemies attack others instead of you.

Any ideas for more Coward abilities? Email me your suggestions!