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Clowns have abilities that distract the enemy and raise faith.

Clown's Skill: Clown Around

Clown's Automatic Abilities: None

Clown's Stats
HP: Average
MP: Average
Physical Attack: Relatively high
Magic Attack: Average
Move: 4
Jump: 4
Weapons: Harp, Cloth, Dagger

Clown's Abilities
Joke: Confuse
Happy: Raise faith
Balloon Animal: Create a monster to temporarily fight for you
Pie in the face: A little damage, along with blind and confuse
Jack-in-the-Box: Target is startled. Its defensive skills lower and won't do anything on its next turn.
Step on Foot: Target's jump becomes 0 and move is lowered by one

Any ideas for more Clown abilities? Email me your suggestions!