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Bodyguards are defensive fighters who can protect others.

Bodyguard's Skill: Guard

Bodyguard's Automatic Abilities: Sword Grab, Two Shields, Cover

Bodyguard's Stats
HP: Very high
MP: Low
Physical Attack: Average
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 4
Jump: 4
Weapons: Sword, Knight Sword, Dagger

Bodyguard's Abilities

Blade Grasp: Reaction ability. Non-projectile attacks miss more often.
Two Shields: Support ability. You can equip two shields even if not a bodyguard
Cover: Support ability. Take all damage for nearby allies even if not a Bodyguard
Kick Aside: Move enemy backwards
Check Area: Check the area for hidden items and traps
Defend: Defend against attacks
Rush to Aid: Movement ability. Go to any space on the board. It always works.
Wish: Bodyguard loses some HP to recover twice that to a nearby unit.
Arrow Guard: Reaction ability. Dodge bow/crossbow attacks
Catch: Reaction ability. Catch thrown item and put it in your inventory.
Carry: Carry a dead body somewhere else.

Any ideas for more Bodyguard abilities? Email me your suggestions!