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Blue Mages are like the blue mages of games such as Final Fantasy V. Some abilities are learned with JP, while others (marked *) are learned from having an enemy use it on you.

Blue Mage's Skill: Blue Magic

Blue Mage's Automatic Abilities: Learning

Blue Mage's Stats
HP: Relatively low
MP: Relatively high
Physical Attack: Average
Magic Attack: High
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Staff, Rod, Dagger

Blue Mage's Abilities

Learning: Support ability. You can learn Blue Mage abilities without being a blue mage.
ChocoCure: *Recover some HP
ChocoEsuna: *Recover status
ChocoMeteor: *Deals a lot of damage
Gaze: *Lower brave
Self-Destruct: *Kill yourself to deal big damage to those around you.
Thunder Soul: *Aim a lightning-elemental attack at someone in a range of 3.

Any ideas for more Blue Mage abilities? Email me your suggestions!