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Blacksmiths increase the strength of characters and forge their weapons. Forging weapons raises its attack power by 10%, forging armor raises the armor's HP by 10%, and forging sheilds raises the shield's evade by 50%. They last until the end of the fight.

Blacksmith's Skill: Forge

Blacksmith's Automatic Abilities: None

Blacksmith's Stats
HP: Relatively high
MP: Low
Physical Attack: Relatively high
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Hammer, Sword, Dagger

Blacksmith's Abilities

Knife: Forge knives
Sword: Forge swords
Gun: Forge guns
Knight Sword: Forge knight swords
Bow: Forge bows
Crossbow: Forge crossbows
Rod: Forge rods
Staff: Forge staves
Spear: Forge spears
Harp: Forge harps
Cloth: Forge cloth
Bag: Forge bags
Ninja Sword: Forge ninja swords
Katana: Forge katanas
Armor: Forge armor.
Helmet: Forge helmets.
Shield: Forge shields.
Maintenance: Support ability. Your equipment can't be broken.
A-Raise: Reaction ability. Your attack power raises
Attack Up: Support ability. Your attack power raises.

Any ideas for more Blacksmith abilities? Email me your suggestions!