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Babysitters are fighters specially trained to take care of younger units.

Babysitter's Skill: Babysit

Babysitter's Automatic Abilities: Get Paid

Babysitter's Stats
HP: Low
MP: Low
Physical Attack: Low
Magic Attack: Low
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: None

Babysitter's Abilities

Babysitter Bandit: Steal a random item
Bad Babysitter: Kill a kid
Call Friend: Bring a unit to babysitter's side
Summon Baby: Bring a monster egg into battle (just hatched)
Cook Dinner: Recover a little HP
Ignore the Kids: All kids go out of control
Get Paid: Support ability. You earn a LITTLE extra money in battle if there were kids in the fight

Any ideas for more Babysitter abilities? Email me your suggestions!