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Avatars are very cruel judges, and execute everyone they try.

Avatar's Skill: Judge

Avatar's Automatic Abilities: None

Avatar's Stats
HP: Low
MP: Relatively high
Physical Attack: Low
Magic Attack: High
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Hammer, dictionary, staff, stick

Avatar's Abilities

Prison: Target can't move
Prison 2: Target can't move. There is no way to reverse this.
Condemn: Target is put on death sentence.
Death: Kill somebody
Counter Death: Reaction ability. Counter avatar's own death by killing the enemy
Eye for an eye: Deal the same amount that was dealt to you the last time you took damage.
Vengeance: Reaction ability. Deal the same damage to your attacker that was dealt to you.
Return damage: Reaction ability. Deal 75% of the damage to your attacker that was dealt to you. It happens whether or not that attack kills you.
Judgement: Deals holy elemental damage
Aquit: Support ability. Cancels death sentence on Avatar.
Repeal Law of Gravity: Support ability. Casts float and prevents spells like meteor
Cash Settlement: Reaction ability. Take money from the opponent when they attack you.

Any ideas for more Avatar abilities? Email me your suggestions!