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Accountants are fighters who really don't have much value for fighting. However, they do help you earn more gil, JP, and experience.

Accountant's Skill: Business skill

Accountant's Automatic Abilities: None

Accountant's Stats
HP: Relatively low
MP: Relatively high
Physical Attack: Low
Magic Attack: Average
Move: 3
Jump: 3
Weapons: Dictionary

Accountant's Abilities
Gil Taking: Steal some gil
Wallet: Support ability. Gained experience is exchanged for gold
JP: Purchase JP. The price depends on your level
Experience: Purchase experience. The price depends on your level.
Haggle: Support ability. Shops sell items for less.
Sell High: Support ability. You can sell items to shops for more money.
Call Shop: You can call any shop you have previously visited in the middle of a battle.
Gilgame Heart: Reaction ability. You gain gil when you lose HP.

Any ideas for more Accountant abilities? Email me your suggestions!